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Welcome to the Open Block Enterprise Initiative, the home of Web3 Enterprise (Web3 E). You will find information on Open Block EI projects, roadmaps and new ventures.

Open Block Enterprise Initiative
Open Block Enterprise Initiative
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Open Block EI

The Open Block Enterprise Initiative (Open Block EI) is a collaborative community effort to develop Web 3 Enterprise (Web3E) oriented blockchain smart contracts that enable dApps hosted on public blockchains and their associated decentralized organisations to naturally scale. The goal of Open Block EI is to extrude Enterprise capabilities and express them in a Web 3 public blockchain way, that is Open, Permissionless, Trustless and Decentralized.

Open Block EI utilizes a community commons based approach to develop Open Source pluggable Web3E components supported across blockchains. The idea is to leverage the native beneficial features of blockchains and their respective Ecosystems to provide re-usable composable capabilities that allow "in the garage" projects to rapidly scale with minor alterations of core logic whilst providing bigger Enterprise native projects a pathfinder on how to navigate and benefit from public blockchain features.

The Programme

Open Block EI is a programme of work that consists of several projects that drive Web3 E capabilities. At present they are:

Open Bank Open Roles Open Rules

Each project specialized in a different Enterprise Capability domain, with each project supported independently on a given blockchain. The objective is to achieve a breath of support prior to embarking on a depth of support

The Open Bank Project

Discover Open Bank

The Open Bank project is about creating non-custodial banking functionality on the blockchain

The Open Bank Project

The Open Bank project is about creating non-custodial, decentralized banking functionality on the blockchain. The concept is to enable dApps to have access to banking facilities that separate dApp function from dApp commercial e.g. payments more ...

Discover Open Roles

The Open Roles Project

The Open Roles project is about enabling decentralized Web3E on-chain role management for dApps. It allows a corporation or a DAO to manage different forms and types of business access to dApp functions more...

The Open Rules Project

Discover Open Rules

The Open Rules Project

The Open Rules project is about enabling decentralized Web3E business rules. These rules provide the governance by which decentralized business ecosystems can transact with known outcomes.

The Movement

With communities around the globe standing up to hold governaments and corporations to account, and with Web 3 representing one of the biggest technological shifts in human history, we can't sleep walk into the corporatopia of the previous century. As a contributor to Open Block EI you can help shape the Web 3 Enterprise Commons enabling organisations to embrace Web 3 with the positive values of the 21st Century.

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